Your gift will add to a protected Preserve so that future generations will  enjoy this living treasure.

Conservation easements provide a tax benefit while protecting land in perpetuity.

Gifts of Land

Landowners can protect their property with the outright donation of land to the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy. An outright gift of property potentially offers the landowner maximum immediate tax benefits – the landowner may receive the full market value of the property as a charitable tax deduction, and can avoid the capital gains tax that would be due from a sale. And, your gift of land will help create a legacy of open space for generations to come.

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Another way to ensure family lands are protected in perpetuity is the conservation easement. A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust, identifying activities that are permitted and prohibited on the property, for the purpose of protecting the property’s conservation values in perpetuity.

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For more information about how your gift of land could add to preservation of our community's natural lands, please contact Edward Phillips at 480-998-7971, extension 101 or email