Nature Guides lead school groups on hikes in the Preserve.

Kids learn more when they are learning outside.

Nature Guides

McDowell Sonoran Conservancy Nature Guides provide educational and interactive opportunities for the community to learn about the value, significance and wonder of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.  Nature Guides offer visitors of all abilities a menu of educational opportunities that will help connect them to the natural and cultural resources of the Preserve through the use of their senses.

Imagine the delight in observing an insect taking a pollen bath inside a cactus flower, smelling the Creosote bush when it’s wet, holding a nest from a Saguaro in your hands,or listening to the “engine starting” call of the Cactus Wren.

Find Nature Guides at the Trailside Naturalist Station on some Saturday Mornings at Gateway or Brown's Ranch... or enjoy our Family Sonoran Sundays. Please Check our "Event Schedule" on the upper right hand corner of the homepage on dates you plan to visit! 

Come out and bring the family.  You will all enjoy the Nature Guides presentations.