Legacy gifts help protect the Preserve for the benefit of wildlife.

Through a planned gift, you are making an important choice to protect and steward our area's most important conservation lands.

Planned Giving

There are many ways to support the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy through a legacy gift. Your gift is a reflection of your own philanthropic goals and a statement about your personal values and interests.

Bequests and Living Trusts

Charitable bequests and living trusts provide estate tax benefits and enable you to make significant contributions that may not be possible during your lifetime. Bequests and Living Trusts can be used to ensure that the donor's annual charitable contributions to the Conservancy programs continue; or to make a special gift that will enhance our ability to achieve our mission in the future. Suggested wording for a specific bequest may be:

I give, devise, and bequeath to the McDowell Sonoran Land Conservancy DBA McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, a non-profit charitable organization with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, the sum of $___________ (or describe any real or personal property), to be used for its general purposes.

Life Insurance

Many individuals have life insurance policies that can be used to benefit charities when the insured dies or, in some cases, during the life of the insured. Such policies, if left to non-charitable beneficiaries at the insured's death, will (in most cases) pass free of income tax; however, they will be subject to estate taxation in the donor's estate, thus reducing what non-charitable beneficiaries receive. For this reason, life insurance policies are often excellent assets to use for charitable giving. (Please consult your financial advisor.)

Charitable Gift Annuity

By establishing a charitable gift annuity, you can make a gift of cash or securities to the Conservancy in exchange for a guaranteed fixed income for life. In addition to an assured income for the remainder of your life, you receive an immediate tax deduction, tax-advantaged income, and an excellent rate of return.

Charitable Lead Trust

Through a charitable lead trust, you can make a significant gift to the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy. You transfer assets to a trust that pays a yearly (or any determined frequency) income to the Conservancy for specified number of years. At the termination of the trust, the principal is either returned to you or your designated beneficiaries.

Using Retirement and Other Tax-Deferred Accounts To Benefit Charity

Many individuals have accumulated significant wealth in their individual retirement accounts (IRAs), qualified pension plans (such as 401K and Keogh plans) and deferred compensation plans. Such accounts are an excellent way to save for the future because contributions to the accounts are income-tax deductible, and the assets in the accounts grow on an income tax-deferred basis. No income tax is due on the assets in the account until the owner makes withdrawals from the account, at which time the owner is taxed on the withdrawals at his/her income tax bracket.