A family takes a morning run along trails in Scottsdale's McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Trail running gives you a great workout while you are enjoying fresh air and nature.

Trail Running

Trail running is a relatively new sport, gaining popularity in the 1970’s, and generally is distinguished from road running because it takes place on hiking trails that are only accessible from trailheads. Trail runners enjoy varying terrain in the Preserve: hills, mountains, and narrow single-track trails. Many Preserve trail runners think the best trails for trail running are better groomed and made of decomposed granite like Tom’s Thumb and East End, as compared to the trails that are predominately harder rock, like the Gateway Loop. Click here for information about trails in the Preserve that best match your sense of adventure.

The “best” running shoe is the one that fits you properly. The footwear must comply well with the shape of your feet, allowing a bit more room at the toe. The heel of the shoe should lock your heel firmly into place and not allow it to “piston” up and down and should hold your foot firmly, not allowing it to twist or tip over. Your foot should feel good as soon as you put on the shoe; avoid a shoe you have to break-in. Look for a tread a bit deeper than the average running shoe.