School Groups and Youth

School Field Trips

Conservancy experts give kids the opportunity to experience the desert.

Kids learn more when they can experience nature through all five  senses.

School Field Trips (Ages 6-12)

Children can connect to the natural and cultural resources of the Preserve’s Sonoran Desert through outdoor tours and school programs offered by the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy.  The visits to the Preserve meet Arizona science and heritage curriculum standards, giving children the opportunity to touch, hear, and even smell things that will enhance their Preserve experience.  Tours are guided by specially trained volunteers, from early October to mid-April. 

We have three interpretive trails that are ADA approved:

1.  The Bajada Nature Trail at the Gateway Trailhead,

2.  The Kovach Family Nature Trail located at the Lost Dog Trailhead, and

3.  The Jane Rau Interpretive Trail located at Brown's Ranch Trailhead.


For more information and scheduling, contact Don Brockway at

These interpretive tours are suitable for ages 6-12, with a maximum of 40 in the group.  

Tours last approximately one hour.

3-4 week prior notice is required to schedule tours.

*Suggested Donation: $10.00 per adult, $5.00 per child-

City of Scottsdale Public Schools are exempt from donations.