Evidence of ranching can be found in the Preserve.

The Brown’s Ranch Interpretive Center portrays the unique human history of the McDowell Mountains and Arizona culture, from earliest habitation through the ranching life, with interpretive signage and displays. 

Sonoran Desert Women

A women’s group supporting the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy

Through engagement of women leaders in the community, we seek to raise awareness and support for the organization’s mission by sharing the history of the McDowell Mountains and Sonoran Desert in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, promoting visitation, education, and preservation.

Women have always made a contribution to, and have taken full advantage of, the fruits of the Sonoran Desert in support of the family and community (see our video links below). We work to preserve, elevate, and share their stories, providing role models for future generations to emulate.

We will engage women in our work through the following initiatives:

Membership:  Engage women to become members through a minimum annual membership gift of $100. Benefits of membership include the opportunity to help create unique experiences through committee involvement, opportunity to attend unique events, and the opportunity to learn more about project areas.

Fundraising: Share Sonoran Desert Women projects with individuals who have been identified as potentially having an interest in the Conservancy’s mission and the project to help raise funds and create deep relationships with community leaders.

Engagement: Lead how women become involved, and the programs and activities that keep them involved. Define partnerships with other women’s organizations to broaden awareness and encourage support. Plan a series of activities to engage members with the history of the area (lectures, hikes, and events.)

History: Work with city and state historians to gather the history of the area with a focus on women and families.  Oversee the story-collecting process to obtain video and audio stories to be shared with the public.

  •  Women of History - Video
  •   Indira Berndtson - Video
  •  Jesse Benton Evans - Video
  •  Christine Kovach - Video
  •  Liz Ogden - Video
  •  Peggy Withers - Video

Education:  Work with schools to ensure partnership. Develop programs focused on providing Arizona heritage curriculum. Develop a series of events and activities focused on the role of women in the Preserve.

For more information and to join this exceptional group, please contact Edward Phillips at 480-998-7971 , extension 101.