Wildflower Hikes from Gateway Trailhead

Gateway Loop

Wildflowers grow right next to the Bajada Nature Trail

Wildflower Hikes Gateway

Bajada Nature Trail:

A barrier-free trail easily accessible from the Gateway Trailhead, this is a Sonoran Desert experience perfect for everyone!  From those in wheelchairs to hardy hikers, from families to tourists, this Scottsdale trail is designed for all to enjoy.  Interactive exhibits reveal the special stories of the area, and wildflowers bloom trailside.  At a half mile long, with no elevation change, and a solid, smooth surface, you'll be able to focus on the beauty of the desert more than on your footing!

Hike Directions: Follow the main trail from the parking area over the metal bridge and east to the sign for the Bajada Nature trail. Turn right onto the Bajada trail. The trail is laid out like a figure 8. Follow it in either direction back to the main trail and turn left to return to the parking area.

Horseshoe Loop

Three trails come together to provide an easy, enjoyable hike on a relatively flat trail that crosses a desert bajada with trees, saguaro and other cacti, and plenty of blooming desert shrubs.  A wide variety of desert birds can be seen along this hike that also provides great mountain views.

Hike Directions: Walk from the parking area toward the Gateway entry structure. Just a short distance from the parking area, before reaching the structure, turn left onto the Desert Park trail. Follow the Desert park trail north to the Horseshoe trail and turn right. Follow the Horseshoe trail to the Gateway Loop trail and turn right. Follow the Gateway Loop trail to the Saguaro trail and turn right again. Follow the Saguaro trail west back to the entry structure and the parking area. 

Gateway Trail Loop

A 4.5 mile loop that wanders up to a low saddle before winding back to the Gateway Trailhead.  The length and grade changes make this a moderately difficult hike, but one worth trying.  Make your way at an enjoyable pace while enjoying the wildflowers and wildlife.  Kids with hiking experience may be able to enjoy this hike.

Hike Directions: Follow the main trail from the parking area to the Gateway Loop trail. Turn left to begin the loop. Turn right at the junction with the Windgate Pass trail. Follow the Gateway Loop trail over the Gateway Saddle viewpoint to the 

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