Wildflower Hikes Sunrise

Mexican Gold Poppies along Sunrise Trail

Gilia along Sunrise Trail

Wildflower Hikes Sunrise

Sunrise Trail East

One of the Preserve's more difficult hikes, Sunrise Trail East, from the Sunrise Trailhead, is a 4 mile out-and-back hike with many steep sections and over a 1,100 foot elevation change. Sunrise Peak is one of very few Preserve peaks with a trail to the top, from which you can see expansive views of the McDowell Mountains in all directions and beautiful granite formations.  You will also see lots of spring wildflowers!  This hike is excellent for fast exercise without the crowds. 

Hike Directions: Follow the Sunrise trail up to the junction with the east spur trail to Sunrise Peak. Turn left onto the spur trail and follow it up to the peak, going straight past the west spur trail that heads down to the right near the peak. Return the way you came, being careful to stay on the east spur trail again on the way down.

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