Bluedicks and poppies found along Gateway Loop

Cactus Blooms will begin in late March, early April

Wildflower Watch

Thorough our Wildflower Watch, we can share information about what’s blooming in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, with a listing of current wildflower varieties blooming, where they’re blooming (trailheads and trails) along with wildflower discussions and photo postings.  We also provide identification of wildflowers found by visitors in the Preserve and post results of ongoing plant counts conducted by the McDowell Sonoran Field Institute, a Conservancy program.

In addition during the wildflower season, we offer free public guided hikes in the Preserve through the week and on Saturdays and Sundays for public enjoyment of the wildflowers. Steward hike leaders share their passion about the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, and the hidden treasures of the McDowell Mountains and surrounding Sonoran Desert. 

Special thanks to our stewards and to volunteers from the Scottsdale Chapter of the National Charity League  who contributed photos.

Happy wildflower hunting!

Wildflowers found in Scottsdale's McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Bluedick found along Lost Dog Wash Trail
Buckwheat found along Desert Park Trail
Mexican Gold Poppy found along Lost Dog Wash Trail
Trailing Windmills found along Bajada Nature Trail
Mammalaria along Ringtail trail
Poppies along Sunrise
Poppies along Sunrise
Gilia along Sunrise
Scorpionweed along Desert Park Trail
Bluedick at Windgate Pass
Panamint Cat's Eye at Windgate Pass
Fiesta Flower at Windgate Pass
Fiddleneck at Windgate Pass
Lacepod at Windgate Pass
Gilia along Desert Park Trail
Lupine along Windgate Pass Trail
Bladderpod along Desert Park Trail
Bladderpod along Desert Park Trail
Wildflowers on the hillside
View of Wildflowers from Climbing Trails

More Wildflowers!

Hop bush found along Marcus Landslide Trail
Bladder mallow found along Ringtail Trail
Odora found along Horseshoe Trail
Phacelia found along the Bajada Nature Trail
Mexican Gold Poppies along Old Jeep Trail
Lupines along Ringtail Trail
Phacelia, Poppies, Spotted Hideseed, Gilia and Lupine along Ringtail Trail
Fiddleneck along Paradise
Redstem Stork's Bill along Paradise
Chicory along Paradise
Chuparosa along Paradise
Desert Lupine along Paradise
California Poppy along Paradise
California Suncup along Paradise
Poppies along Lost Dog Wash Trail
Wildflowers Galore along Lost Dog Wash Trail!
Wildflower Display along Lost Dog Wash Trail
Desert Anenome